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Which Hunger Games character are you?
thg_ratings: The Hunger Games Rating Community
IMPORTANT NOTICE: With the imminent release of Mockingjay, the final book, please be considerate of other fans. No spoilers are allowed in this community. Breaking this rule will most likely get you banned from here.
Welcome to The Hunger Games Rating Community, a community where you may post your profile and have it evaluated by other fans of Suzanne Collins's hit series, The Hunger Games. Think you're a Katniss type? Or maybe you're more like Rue... or even Effie! Here you can classify other people as THG characters and have yourself rated. Awesome, right? Go ahead and join the community! Please read the rules first, though...
1. No Mockingjay spoilers whatsoever.
2. Common sense rules here! No explicit or hateful material, nothing violating the LiveJournal Terms of Service, no trolling, etc.
3. Respect each other. We're all fans of THG. This goes for rating, too.
4. Be honest in both rating and survey. For example, there's no point making all your answers so biased towards Katniss that you get her, just because she's your favourite character.
5. If you don't like who you get, you can reapply twice.
6. If an unstamped entry exists, you must rate at least one before posting, and link to it in your application. This is to make sure people get stamped.
7. It's okay to mention other characters in your rate, but please bold (or at least clearly mark) your one final verdict when rating.
The maintainer and founder of this community is koukuu, also known as Ariel/Ari. If you have any questions or concerns, please send me a mesasge. I'll get to it as soon as I can!
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